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SupraChem Lab cristalizează la Iași un pol de cercetare performant în chimie supramoleculară

29 Iulie 2020

Cuvântul de încheiere reprezentativ pentru ce înseamnă proiectul SupraChem Lab aparține Profesorului Emerit Marc JM Abadie de la Universitatea Montpellier 2, Franța: „To speak frankly, I would like to say that it has been a great pleasure to work with the SCL team, a young team, dynamic, willing and intelligent researchers, showing great solidarity. This team started from nothing in the knowledge of supramolecular chemistry for biomedical applications to reach, after 5 years of research, the international level. How can you not be enthusiastic about such a success? Bravo for the example given and thank you to the European funds for such a scientific success.“

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